About this book...

Exceptional service is the key to better sales and a stronger bottom line

Sales Through Service is designed for CEO’s Sales and HR Managers who are looking to improve sales and increase profits by taking a proactive approach towards an organizational culture change. The implementation of a Service Culture is what allows organisations to compete beyond product and price – the customer experience becomes the key differentiator and brings with it a more efficient and stable workplace followed by increased sales and customer loyalty.


  • Understand what drives your industry & how to provide exceptional customer experience
  • Learn how to use this to increase sales and profitability for your businesses
  • Implement strategies that will help your team happy & continue to grow exponentially


  • Understanding the history & current trends in Australia’s organizational structure.
  • Key principles to shift your organisations focus from a ‘sales at any cost’ to a customer centric focus.
  • Implement quick win strategies for any size businesses to win in your industry in Australia..