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Profit Works specialises in Call Centre Optimisation through tailored end-to-end solutions.
We help phone based Sales and Customer Service teams of all sizes to perform at their optimum capabilities and efficiencies.

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Keeping customers or acquiring new ones should be easy.

So Why does it feel so difficult?


Many call centres are operating at a fraction of their potential efficiency and profitability and don’t even know why. Through our customised training and consulting programs, we show our clients how to understand the metrics and operational fundamentals of their call centre, to identify and fill the existing gaps and to maximise the functionality, efficiency and profitability of their call centre.


Sales Through Service is written for CEO’s, Sales and HR Managers who are looking to improve sales and increase profits by taking a proactive approach towards an organisational culture change.


The implementation of a Service Culture is what allows organisations to compete beyond product and price – the customer experience becomes the key differentiator and brings with it a more efficient and stable workplace followed by increased sales and customer satisfaction.



    At Profit Works, we do things differently. We know that in order to improve your business, we need to understand your business. All of our programs start with an on-site assessment of your business, your agents and your call centre structure. This allows us to observe your agents at work, listen to their calls, chat with teams and managers and really start to understand the nature of your business, the scope of calls your agents are handling and the challenges they face on a daily basis. We can then personally tailor specific training sessions & provide genuine solutions to meet your needs.



    Based on the findings from our onsite assessment, we will tailor full or half day training sessions for your teams, which directly address the skill gaps identified in the assessment. Our training sessions are fun, interactive and based on the principles of accelerated learning. This is how the world’s leading businesses excel; they integrate training with business objectives and strategy to achieve greater productivity, increased staff retention, improved quality and competitive advantage. Training that is tightly aligned with business strategy and objectives will increase competitive advantage by fostering accurate and efficient work practices, good OHS practices, better customer service and greater levels of sales growth



    Companies that receive no post training support to cement and implement the techniques and strategies learned in the training sessions are much more likely to see very little or no real change in their staff’s behaviours and skill levels. Training is about teaching employees new skills and techniques to enhance and improve what they currently do in their daily roles. Ongoing assessment and coaching is the mechanism through which those learning’s are cemented and applied. By embedding our technology into your existing CRM, we have the ability to remotely access and review your agents’ calls on a monthly basis and provide ongoing assessments and feedback on each agent’s individual performance.



    In conjunction with Alkhemy, our technology partner, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services which complement and enhance the work we do with them.

    These services include:

    • Voice of Customer Surveys
    • Metric reporting
    • KPI monitoring
    • Call recordings
    • IVR
    • External communications audit
    • Marketing reviews and Lead generation

See How Profit Works can help your teams to operate at their optimum capability and efficiency through:

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Loyalty
Growth & Profits

Are you ready to start building a high performing Sales and Customer Service team and create a strong and loyal customer base?

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